Victo Ngai
Life of Pi and a Grenade Perfume
This piece is in the current New Yorker for a review on Ang Lee's new film "Life of Pi"  which just came out last weekend. I haven't gotten a chance to watch it yet but the visuals in the trailer are quite extraordinary!!
I was really excited when I learnt Ang Lee would be translating Yann Marlet's beautiful and spiritual novel into a movie. I am a big fan of both the book and Ang Lee's work and think the poetic sensibility of the director is just perfect for the story. can imagaine how thrilled I was when AD Chris Curry gave me this assignment!!! 
Challanges of this piece?
1- it's very hard to find up-skirt tiger reference photos. This one is the closest I could get.
2- it's tricky trying to make the tiger look believable after omitting his "ding-dong" between the legs. 
3- Tomer Hanuka did a fabulous piece on "Life of Pi" a while back and that's quite some pressure...
This small piece is a fun assignment for WIRED. Every month in the Jargon Watch section, 4 new words are introduced. The one I illustrated was " Deceit Perfume : An aerosol that works like an air freshener to conceal the acrid small of gunpowder. Deverloped to the Iranian military, the spray is avalible in scents like fresh air and seaside weather- as well as tea fragrance, intended for use by the police." Cool, isn't it? 
The concept was simple - perfume + something military. Grenade shape like a perfume bottle so it was a natural choice for me. 
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