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China Today

JANUARY 31, 2008
This photo was sent by Bruno Porto, a Brazilian friend who teaches Graphic Design at the Raffles Design Institute in Shangai. The girl is one of his students.

I'm very happy because, after waiting for months, I finally received  the issues of the Chinese magazine NewGraphic.  It's really a cool edition, well printed, big format.  I'm in the company of great designers, I like Reza Abedini.  He's from Iran and does a wonderful artwork, you really should see his website:   www.rezaabedini.com/

I contacted by editor Ge Hong last year, they wanted to publish  something about my work. They asked for a presentation text,  so I didn't think twice: I wrote for our great  Randall Enos  and sent my works for his appreciation. He quickly wrote a very intelligent and generous text. 
Randall, I'll be sending a copy for you very soon. Thank you again, my friend!

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