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Mother Jones

JULY 2, 2009
Editorial illustration has it's challenges in 2009.  Advertising buys are down and many publications have had to fold in the aftermath.  Still through it all, there are places out there where talented Art Directors and Editors collaborate to produce amazing issues filled with illustration.  I have a pile of old FORTUNE magazines in my studio.  I used to flip through them and marvel at the use of illustration in years past.  I don't do that anymore.  I live in the current market and have come to appreciate places around today that champion our craft and do so with style.
(Perhaps I can do this on a regular basis)

Tim J Luddy, creative director at Mother Jones assigns great illustration every month.  He's a wonderful guy to work with and each issue is like a little portfolio of illustration today.

Here's to Tim and the rest of the folks up there.

For this cover I had to paint a joint made from a 100 dollar bill.  I had to find one on the internet...I'm no Lenny Dykstra. (wink)

The thing I learned in this one is how to paint swirling smoke.  There is a sort of formula to it.  I never knew.

To get reference of a 100 dollar joint, I had to print out a huge sheet of paper that was on a thin stock. I stuffed it with a roll of paper towel. This allowed a great photo that I could light the way I wanted and have the right wrinkles and twists.
Tim provided the smoke reference and I painted this realistic cover in short order.

INSIDE is where the real show begins...

Mark Todd. Special note of thanks for adding the O'B IL sign in the background. O'Brien Illustration ad.
Gary Taxali...the master...every image iconic
Andrew Zbihlyj. Great image. Special note of appreciation for a seven letter last name with one vowel.
Tim Bower...did the cover the month before...this may be the image of the year for our industry.
Mark Matcho
Alex Nabaum. Great piece and idea
Barry Blitt...I have to apologize for all these crappy photos. I shot off of the magazine. This is a powerful image.
Michael Byers
Thomas Fuchs.
For any of the artists included here, if you want me to swap out the page I shot with a good file, send them on.