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Number 1 with a Bullet!

AUGUST 23, 2006
Nano SportKit
This summer I decided to become a runner. I started on vacation, kind of like Forrest Gump, running away from our cabin for 45 minutes and then turning around. It hurt for a few weeks and though as a boxer I have decent wind, running shape is different. Nike and Apple teamed up to make this great device, the SportKit. It syncs the Nano and your shoes and records your runs. Syncing your iPod to your computer and to the NIKE website, you can see all of your progress, miles, times and compare those stats to others. Anyway, it's a blast and I recommend it. The reason for this post is that I am actually #1 with total miles run, in my age group and sex. My times are less impressive. NYC Marathon 2006?...maybe.
UPDATE>>>>I ran 14 miles today so now I'm number 1 in the United States!!. This may be because I bought it the day it came out.
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