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Austin Texas

FEBRUARY 20, 2009

This past week my family and I visited the Burckhardt's in Austin Texas.

They had been kind enough to ask us several times and I had been there before for an ICON meeting and wanted Elizabeth and Cassius to see it too.

I hope I don't embarrass Marc and Janice by reporting that they have an amazing house.  As a home renovation guy myself, I was impressed with the level of refinement and finish the place had.  The place is huge and his studio, woodshop and large painting studio made me green with envy.

His house is a modern illustration gallery with stellar pieces of many of my friends and favorites.  We had a Kroninger over our bed and a funny Taxali to our right.

I combined my visit with a half-marathon run in the Austin Half and Full Marathon.  I LOVED running in the warmer weather and logged a pretty good February time too.

Marc was a trooper getting up at a hour he's still counting crackled sheep to drive me to the start.

After this task we took to eating.  The Salt Lick was fun and we tried food all over town.  We had great walks on the Greenbelt and a trip out to the Broken Spoke Honky tonk(a).


Marc's studio was so nice that I used it to do a small piece while I was there.  Marc has (had) nice brushes too.  I didn't shoot the piece before I left, perhaps Marc can do that and post it here.


Oh, and Janice made some great meals and treated us like royalty. Marc and Janice are a great team and it's nice to be around them.  Cassius, who is 9, hung with the 40 somethings like pals.  

Looking forward to the next time.

Cassius on his way to Texas, rabbit foot in hand.
Cassius and I laughed hard at this. NO THROWING BOMBS!
Messing up Marc's house, pre-run.
The King and his land.
Pre race, early moring in Austin
Great finish with the capital in the background
The reward...The Salt Lick BBQ
the pit
eating is done here
Our mess afterwards
Cave Hunting with Marc
Cassius with his Mexican wrestling mask on
I lost it for 9 minutes.
Grackles everywhere...I think they're pigeons to them but great for us.
Deep thoughts
At the Broken Spoke
James White in his famous honky-tonk, the Broken Spoke
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