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Endless Summer

Cassius in Eagles Mere Lake. He'll swim in any water, any temperature.
I have spent another wonderful summer in the Endless Mountains and at the Atlantic coast.  I am sure all of you have had great summers too and it is really self indulgent to offer photographs of the summer, but I can't resist.
The summer started with a trip to the Vineyard which I posted about before.  As we have every year, we headed off to the town of Eagles Mere in Pennsylvania.
For a brief period of time we visited Marc and Janice Burkhardt (and Gertie) on Peaks Island in Maine.  That was great and I hope to go back again soon (THANKS MARC!)
Finally I ended the summer with a long period of time back up in Eagles Mere. 

Today I am back in the studio doing jobs, planning my teaching and hearing about Cash's first day of school.  A great summer.  I hope for a great Fall!
Great vista of World's End State park at Canyon Vista.
The lake at Eagles Mere is an amazing place. Around it is a path. The lake does not allow motor boats or building on the lake. There are some structures but all are old and are grandfathered in. This is a view of the path around the lake...
on the path...
on the path again...
This is a place called 'Lover's Leap' on the path.
There is a boat on the lake that is allowed a motor. It's an old one that is called the Hardly Able. It takes you around the lake so cars are not needed to get around...Elizabeth and Luka on the Hardly Able.
Vacationing is exhausting.
In the woods kids (and big kids) build these tiny structures called fairy houses.  Here are a few...
We decided to build a tree fairy house...
Cassius working hard
It's a two bedroom with a great view.
I taught Cash the joys of walking in corn fields.
Leaving every week was hard...
We then went to Maine's Peaks Island.  The O'Briens make quite a splash...
Marc and Cassius on the rocks
Gertie was regal and wonderful
Great landscapes everywhere you look...
Rocky coastlines and stark white birch trees are quite a sight.
With views everywhere I looked, it was hard to draw; better to photograph it.
saw a full moon rise the night before we left...
My hair is wilder than usual by the sea.
Cassius will swim in any water.
The Burkhardts and the sea. Cassius liked calling Marc 'Captain Marc'
Peaks Island has their own kind of Fairy houses and people use the unique, flat rocks to leave structures. The effect is lovely.
We returned to Eagles Mere and saw the green with fresh eyes.  There is a smell to being there.  Pine and clean wind.
The beach on the lake
I drew the Hardly Able on some tree fungus. The next day the line rises up and the effect is that of an embossed print.
The Democratic Convention was view via laptop to projector.
We went to Knoebles Amusement Park. You have to see it to believe it.
In the final few days, the weather was rainy and as usual we went to the Forksville Fair in drizzle.  I like it that way.
the day I was there was the 4H livestock auction. This is Sam
I saw this and thought I knew just the guy who would look just right sitting at this booth.
He's eating Freedom Fries.
These are my favorite images I shot that day.  The sad and tired Republican Headquarters at the Forksville Fair...
Come in...it's warm and welcoming in here!
I searched for the Democrats' Headquarters...none exists. The only thing there was an unmanned booth in a barn with canned peaches and needle point. I sat there ready to move the electorate to vote in their own best interest.
The last day at the lake was glorious. I got married right here at the lake's edge in a clearing called Gypsy's Landing.
a watercolor of the end of summer.
Thanks for scrolling through all of these images.  I think I needed to post them in order to get into the fall.

See you all at Politics 08!
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