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JUNE 3, 2008
Well, this is clearly a day to announce our choices. Like my friend Anita, I would like to reveal our new dog, Luka. She's a 5 month old papillon. We are in full training mode with a cage, treats, we-wee pads, the whole deal. I saw her several days in a row before I decided to go for it. Cassius, my dear son, has been begging for a pet forever. He misses our late dog Busker who was mine for 15 years. He talks about her and pines for her even though I don't think he can remember much about her. He was 2 when she died. My friends here on Drawger have been dealing with the sad loss of loved pets lately. I know how that feels. Busker still holds a high mark for a pet around here, but Luka is SO much like Busker. This is why I chose her. She is calm and sweet and a great companion. She sits in my studio most of the day and chews stuff and then get agitated....OOOOPS! Time to take her out! Down the stairs to the back yard and ....YES!!! GOOD GIRL!!! There is a lot of that going on. Anyway, here is Luka. I wanted to call her Radar, Cassius wanted Coco and Elizabeth wanted what Cassius wanted. I offered a compromise of Luka. We made a deal.
She looks like a little deer when she sleeps. I know...what kind of tough guy am I anyway?
Topical: Procrastinations  
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