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The Fall

OCTOBER 13, 2007
Falling is the worst. People tell you they took a fall and it doesn't quite sink in. I fall here and there, mostly running up stairs. Down is a different story.
Well, I had an adventure this week. I was getting ready to do my run for the day; Tuesday had to be 8 miles. This is the big week of training for The NYC Marathon and I have to log in around 45 miles, with most of them coming from a Sunday run of 23. A lot of running. Anyway, I was getting ready to run and was up in my studio and grabbed my sneakers and ran down the stairs. I missed the second step and fell hard on my hip. I tried to break my fall with my hands and arms but my momentum was fast and I was continuing to fall down the steps. BANG! another step on my hip, but my arm and hand was still on the top step. I continued down and my arm kind of snapped. I stopped falling and saw that I had dislocated my shoulder. My deltoid muscle was below where it should be. I was in crazy pain and could not move the arm at all. I grabbed my wrist with my right hand and picked it up from behind me and brought it forward. I was in agony. I kind of just sat there and took stock of the situation. Did I hurt my legs? Not really but my hip was definitely bruised. My arm was the big problem. I thought instinctively that I needed to slide it back into place quickly so I picked up that wrist again and raised it above my head and SNAP,CRACKLE, POP! It went back into joint. I was nauseous from the pain and put some ice on it. I sat thinking that I HAD to run to stay on schedule. This was my BIG WEEK! So I stood up, laced on my shoes and went out and ran. I came back an hour later really sore but thankful it wasn't worse. Thankfully it was my left arm. The rest of the week was ice over and over. I have a glorious bruise. I must share!
This started as a big lump and a hint of overall red. NOW I have a bruise to brag about. Does this look okay?
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