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The Vineyard 2007

JUNE 19, 2007
Here is a sketch of the slowly eroding cliffs from the beach. These odd chunks are clay that fell from the wall.
Each year since our honeymoon, my wife Elizabeth and I spend a week or more at a cabin in Martha's Vineyard. It's a small wonder of the world.
The small house called "Sunrise" is owned by relatives of Elizabeth and is lovingly tended to each year by the children of the original owners. The cabin is on the cliffs of Stonewall Beach in Chilmark. I think it was originally a chicken coop, it was made into an up-island retreat. Sunrise sits on a cliff about 70 feet up over the Atlantic.
Here is a photo of the house in a different location. This location is now in the ocean
The house has been moved many times as the cliffs fall away each year.  One year the house was right on the cliff and I hear the sound of the surf was intense. 
Here is an oil painting I did the year the foundation of an original house location started to fall into the sea.
Here are the giant rocks that are revealed at low tide.
Cassius woke one morning and announced quite loud, that there is probably a rainbow because the sun was shining and he could hear rain on the roof. My son was right!
I did this painting one afternoon for a cousin who married on the Vineyard last year...late but not quite one year later.
Me teaching Cassius how to cast and NOT catch fish. Notice the fear in me as the lure whizzed by my head.
A cool fishing ship came in one afternoon in Menemsha. I love this town and we spend a lot of time here. Jaws was shot in and around this town and dock and you HAVE to see the sunsets here.
Sunset on Menemsha. Going in early June means no crowds!
This is inside the house. It is small but perfect.
We end every trip by logging our thoughts and drawings into a house journal. Reading back, I can see my various thoughts and experiences over the years. Cassius took it very seriously this year. Thanks for letting me share this fun trip.
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