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Reagan's Tear part 2

JUNE 3, 2007
The Lovely Olivia Wilde, who is more known from her television work on the O.C. and The Black Donelleys was really great in this challenging play.
It's been months since I did the tear on Regan's cheek for Time. . That was a weird experience that was part fame and fun and part creepy. The many e-mails that attacked me gave me pause and forced be to rethink just how much personal information I plant on this blog. The love for Reagan and and republican ideals attributed to him certainly hit home, but did not change my opinion of him, only of the current brand of right wing zealot. Stories appeared on Fox News in various formats, as well as some of the late night fake news shows like the Colbert Report. That was mostly fun, except for Fox, who liked to pretend there was some sort of left wing conspiracy at play. Apparently they reported before they read the article. You never know what ends up being your noteworthy assignment. For years it was my Man of the Year cover for time and I thought it might also be my Judy Garland stamp. Right now, it's this tear. The other day my actress sister-in-law heard of a play off Broadway called Beauty on the Vine that referred to the cover. We all got tickets and saw it on one of its last nights. Too bad, because it was really good and well acted. From Playbill: " Inspired by a chance encounter with Courtney Love, Beauty on the Vine, according to press notes, is "a modern fable about the power of the human face in the age of extreme plastic surgery and genetic engineering. Sweet calls himself a 'mutt.' He doesn�t know his parents, where he's from, or if he ever had a name. Is he Black? Native? Croate? 'Genocide Face' is how he classifies himself. But he finds his home when he falls in love with Lauren Chickering, a fast-rising star in right-wing radio who knows exactly who she is and how she wants to change America. Lauren wants to inspire girls of the Lindsay Lohan generation to become involved in the Republican Party, but her success has also inspired a series of events that leads to a brutal murder. Trying to understand the motive and meaning of Lauren�s death, Sweet joins Lauren�s father, Daniel, on a journey through the looking glass into a highly disturbing Wonderland where appearances are always deceiving." The main character is a sexy and beautiful young actress, Olivia Wilde (Olivia Wilde video interview: http://lafcovlog.blogspot.com/2007/05/tao-ruspoli-interviews-olivia-wilde.html") Fun to watch on stage and she takes on three characters too. In her lead as a talk radio host, she goes on a speculative rant about the far left media, Time Magazine for example, and how they had an artist put a tear on Reagan's cheek. She said, "The magazine even credits the artist, Tim O'Brien for creating the tear." She then wondered how long it took for me to do that imagining it took hours (20 minutes in reality). So, it was weird to hear something I'm involved with mentioned in a play and REALLY weird to hear the main character speculate as to what I thought when I did that to her beloved Ronald Reagan.
This is a gratuitous additional picture of Olivia Wilde. Did I say she said my name?
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