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Zimm in NYC

MARCH 3, 2007
It's been about a year for me to have a space on Drawger. In that year I gat a good look at what I've done in the past 20 years and what I'm doing now. It provided me a perspective that I really needed. I also had grown weary of online communities. They tend to go off the rails led by just a few nutty people. My mother tells me she finds out what I'm up to by coming here; (imbedded message: call mom more). All of this was made possible by bandwidth, Dave Flaherty for inviting me, but mostly Robert Zimmerman for building this Arc. On March 2nd Zimm was in NYC and met with a group of Drawgers. Let's see; Dave Flaherty and Ellen Weinstein, Edel, Nancy Stahl, Steve Kron, Gary Lieb, Brad Holland, Zina, Scott Bakal, Fuchs and Yuko...I'm insulting someone by forgetting...sorry. Zimm, ever the Tech guy, had a WiFi connection, and digital camera. We made this for those not able to be there. Here's to Zimm. Cheers over Beers!
Topical: Procrastinations  
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