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DECEMBER 24, 2006
Cassius examines crumbs left by Santa Claus, a bite out celery from a reindeer
This particular holiday, for me, is filled with complexity. A life of surprises and disappointments not only for me but for all of us, can turn Christmas into a trip down sad-sack lane. I've been down that road; it's a dead end. The only other thing I could do was to submit to it. Cassius has turned my whole life into an adventure. Sometimes a treacherous one, sometimes frustrating but mostly extremely entertaining. Christmas through his eyes is marvelous. I want him to love it and think of it as magical. Am I creating an expectation he will pine for someday rendering all his holidays as disappointing? I hope not. The job he and all of us have is to take stock and enjoy. To my Drawger friends and lurkers, Happy Christmas. This community has been a wonderful addition to my life. I hope you all have a great time.
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Topical: Procrastinations  
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