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Halloween and Cassius

OCTOBER 31, 2006
Heading out
Our neighborhood parade, complete with giant puppets.
Cash and his two friends abuse the guy in the puppet.
The trek home is always sad, with major whining about wanting "just one more, please?"
Finally a contented boy and his treasure. He's our treasure.
Cassius loves his costumes. He wears them all year long and has extras for friends that come over.
My neighborhood is one of the most diverse in the country and it's filled with many levels of income and people from all over the world. Halloween and a huge event that knits this multicultural community together like no other. This was less true when I was kid. My town was primarily Catholic and Christmas was the big event. My son is in a HEAVY Halloween mode, anguishing over who is is going to be; either Peter from Narnia or a Clone Trooper. Right now it's looking very clone trooper provided I tape another glow stick to his water pistol so he can have a cool laser. Having one child is a great thing for us. We focus all of our attention on him but there is a bittersweet aspect of the passing of time. Looking back at the past few years of costumes reminds me of how cute that little boy was, how much he's grown and how precious all this is.
*I carved a pumpkin for Cassius last night. In doing that, my main goal is not to slice an major artery. I did a decent job. I have been forever convinced that I am a lifelong amateur in the world of pumpkin carving since meeting Saxton Freymann. http://www.rit.edu/~ksh8863/saxtonfreymann.html http://www.arthuralevinebooks.com/author.asp?authorid=3 If you have kids or know some and need a gift, please consider his fantastic books. You'll not meet a nicer guy, ever. His art is so great too.
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