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September 2006
Billion Dollar Band
With this weekend being music appreciation and all, I dove into youTube for 2 minutes and found this great gem of a performance. My morning was spent listening to Elvis Presley - The Complete Million Dollar Quartet with Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash. Funny to find this one. To borrow a trendy word, these are great mash-ups. Love Lennon!
War Zone
The easel.
Edel's peek into his studio convinced me to offer a peek in the hornet's nest I call my studio. Intern needed.
Back to illustration
Back to the day and night job, here is a piece a finished on Friday. It's for Reform Judaism magazine. John Goryl, the AD, is a nice guy and good to work with, though the client is a wee bit picky. John's manner made the minor tweaks palatable. I borrowed the tone and mood from a recently unpublished piece for Time. Come to think of it, I use this palette every week.
Philly Half-Marathon
"Run Timmy!"
This weekend I ran the Philly Half Marathon (13.1 miles). As I wrote earlier, I took up running this summer and started training towards this run. Most of the summer nagging shin splints meant I had to hold back. Lately the injuries left and I have been free to run faster and I actually peaked at the event. Here are the stats/results: Time: 1:43 Place: 1694 Total in Race: 11060 in my division I came in 223rd. The stats I like are these: Pace: 7:55 5K: 25:17 10K: 50:41 10 Mile: 1:20 AND my speed increased throughout the race. The flip side was I am less sure about running the NYC marathon. Twice that distance seems crazy. Also, in the last 2 miles I had chills even though it was 80 degrees. After the race I spotted Elizabeth and Cassius and was so glad to see them. Cassius was wearing a number which meant he decided to run the kids race. So after the run I ran the toughest 1/2 mile of the day, next to Cassius 30 minutes after my run. He ran out like a jackrabbit at first but stalled a bit. I urged him to walk and he did but then bolted off again. In the last quarter mile he was revived by the great crowd who put their hands out for him to slap as he ran. He finished and got a medal. IT was a great weekend.
Cassius gets ready to run...we both cheat across the line.
We were zonked at the end of the day.
Great weekend in Philadelphia, and this was our view from the hotel.
My Iconic Podcast #3
Episode #3
This is the link to part 3 of my Iconic Audio Podcast interview by Erik Olsen. It's shorter than the other two. Observations: I am obviously slurring my words, and have to stop taking headshots. I reveal too many insecurities...I hope it helps someone.
My Iconic Podcast, Part 2
Iconic Audio Part 2
On and iTunes is part two of my Iconic Audio podcast interview. In this episode I am a real talkarella. I discuss the IPA, the business right now and other things I have a tenuous grip of. Thankfully, the podcast does not repeat the bio listing every job I ever had! The direct link is:
My Iconic Podcast
Iconic Audio~the Illustration Podcast
Erik Olson is an energetic young illustrator who created a wonderful podcast about illustration called ICONIC. He offers it at and on iTunes. Erik asked me to participate in an interview and I am kind of listening to it right now. I sound like I'm on the phone (I am) and a bit slurred (Not drinking, I swear). It is cool to hear though, mostly because on Monday I start my class at the University of the Arts. I think I can just play the interview and go get coffee and come back with my students plugged in on who I am. Here's the direct link:
Summer, 1973
Summer 1973
I see I'm not the only illustrator who sees themselves as religious Icons. I don't really, but without the glowing halo, I felt it was too serious, quaint. Here are the thoughts behind the image. It's summer 1973. My family still lived in an apartment and my parents were just about to purchase a house a few miles away. The apartment was in a house on the outskirts of New Haven. My father treated the yard as his, putting in an above ground pool, a treehouse and a log cabin for my brothers and I to play in. Behind the house was a hill that went up to a line of trees. The hill was one of tall grass that in the late summer was golden hay that you could lay on and roll on top of. I used to climb the trees at the top of the hill and look out over the yard, Mammoth Mart across the street, and East Rock in New Haven. A year later we lived in the new house, I played more sports than the kind of daydream play I used to do, and my father had passed. The painting is of that time before.
Andre Agassi
The US Open and Andre Agassi
At the US Open, Andre Agassi played competitive tennis for the last time. The New York Times asked me to paint Andre and see if I could show the two different eras of the tennis great. I first thought a tennis racket would be a good divider, but after sketching that I found it too wide and thought maybe a trompe of two different photos might work. I then recalled a Time cover from the 50's of Althea Gibson. It's really great and shows her likeness with a background of a tennis court from above. I offered a sketch of that idea and got approval and went to finish.
Summer 2006...The End
Cassius has amazing aim.
It started so wonderfully; picking up Cassius on our tandem bike as his final month of school was winding down, opening the windows at night and dinner in the back yard.  Now we are opening the windows again to let the cool breeze in.  However, the earth is tipping away from the sun and those breezes will soon turn the leaves colors and the frost will cover our garden and we'll see our breath in the morning taking Cassius to school in the car.
What a great summer we had.
Here are some highlights.
My Sister-in-law Nell was a hero to us this summer, coming from Los Angeles to Eagles Mere, PA to take care of Cassius for a month!
Cassius is so fun, and will split you side with laughter!
Cash and his two cousins Molly and Ella.
After a summer in northwestern PA, Cassius was starting to countrify.
Elizabeth Rides a mean merry-go-round!
The only way to show I'm married is to stretch my arm out and shoot us as best I can. Elizbeth and Tim.
Finally You HAVE to try the bumper cars in Knoebles Amusement Park.
Elizabeth hiding her fear on the Ferris Wheel
Cassius is now a 2nd grader. Summer is just around the corner!
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