Tim OBrien
March 2006
New Painting - March 27th
This is the piece in progress. It's on halftone gesso and done in Generals white charcoal and pencil with a bit of sepia colored pencil. The hightlights are hit with white gouache...
Today I taught a class in Philadelphia at the University of the arts. I have a great class of budding illustrators and I have been promising to do a demonstration for a while. Today I sketched, prepared a board, did a drawing and full oil painting for the weary onlookers. I worked from 9-4. The man is an example of how I work without reference. I kind of like to do that and do wonder if someday I might enjoy doing this more.
This is the Top Hat painting.
New Painting - March 26th
Medusa of Technology
Just finished this piece. It's right off the easel. It's for an article about technology (are all articles about technology?) Finished it, put aging varnish on it, then crackling varnish. When the cracks appear, I smear shoe polish on the light areas and titanium white on the dark parts. I then buff it to a fine sheen (hey, it's shoe polish!)
Okay, so now I added some images
Okay, so now I added some image but you're all artists and know me so who cares? What you really want are blog entries where I tell you who I hate and who is a rip-off artist, and were to park in Manhattan for free. (I removed a nasty bit that was up here for a few days. Think of it as a ripe piece of fruit that fell off the tree. It was there for the picking for a few days.) I think Tim O'Brien is ripping off Mark Tansey and Gottfried Helnwein. You can park on Crosby after 7pm between Spring and Houston for free.
Why I ruin Drawger
It's been brought to my attention that I am lame. It's due to the fact that I was invited to Drawger, put up a page and one image and left town. Actually I am not REALLY lame, but my contributions to Drawger are. So, I plan on adding content soon. Everyone else has so much stuff and images and sketches and pillows and vacations and.... I guess I am lame. Tim O'Brien March 25 2006
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