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Our President

JANUARY 20, 2009
Barack H. Obama, "Unpublished" 2009 by Tim O'Brien
For many years, the idea of what America is seemed frozen. There was a strange admiration for America in the 1950's. I never understood this pining for yesterday. In the 1950's many in this country believed in racial superiority and wanted women in their place. As child of the mid 60's and early 70's, I became aware of racial tension through the media and sadly, the kids around me. Deep mistrust and disconnection between people of different races was a given. Still, children hope for better and struggle to understand why all people couldn't be judged by the content of their character. America has worked hard to mend itself in it's brief history and that's what I take away from an historic day like today. Our country will always need mending and that's not the job of Barack Obama. This election is about who America is and that we can improve who we are.