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Orphan Works?

MAY 8, 2008
Normally I post stories and images of illustrations I've been lucky enough to do or tell a tale or two. Today I want to join the chorus of voices within the illustration community, to my mind a unanimous voice, denouncing a terrible and unnecessary bill. The Orphan Works Bill claims to help museums, educational institutions and libraries from the terrible hardship of not being able to use images they want to without copyright clearance. The bill is broadly written and will cause great harm. On Tuesday, May 6th I attended a panel discussion at the Society of Illustrators. On the stage was Brad Holland, William Vasquez, Cynthia Turner, Constance Evans, Terry Brown and Ted Fader. I found this portion to be particularly clarifying. This is not a good bill and I urge not only other artists but anyone you know to take a moment to use the extremely easy-to-use-link to help blunt it's passage. Click HERE to write to your representatives.