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Judy Garland Stamp

JUNE 4, 2006
Judy Garland ©United States Postal Service
On June 10 at Canegie Hall, there will be the unveiling of my new stamp, Judy Garland, for the US Postal Service. This is the latest in their Legends of Hollywood series and my third stamp. Earlier in the year I had Hattie McDaniel released in Beverly Hills. The Judy Garland stamp had a long process. Many initial sketches followed by a painting based on an image the family wanted depicted a young Judy. After seeing the artwork, they decided to pursue and older version of Garland from 'A Star Is Born' era. I really liked the first painitng and struggled with the new one. I did the art and it was not quite right, something about the eyes (of course!) The art went back and forth for a while and in the end I started over and repainted the final. Bam! I hit it right that time and Liza Minelli and Lorna Luft agreed.
©United States Postal Service
Well, Nancy might be right. I am starting to understand that people outside the 20 or so of us visit this site. It's the Govenment, you know? Don't want an audit. So, young Judy is gone.
Hard to listen to, and I'm a tough guy.

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