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Smelling the roses

MAY 4, 2006
Tim and Dan O'Brien, New Haven, Connecticut, 1968
I like this tiny little universe at Drawger. To someone so easily distracted, it has styles and voices at a number I can digest. Seeing the work of all of the great artists here has been a great daily lesson. The ideas are fantastic and free from the yolk a hyper-realist has to consider; can it be achieved realistically? James Steinberg's Sketchbooks are fantastic. Looking at that freedom and use of patterns shows me that there are solutions I never even think of. The abstract design sense of Espinosa, Mayforth, Dunlavey, Enos are a daily lesson in unexplored avenues for me. The temptation in a piece like this is to compliment everyone, but everyone has added things that were pleasantly surprising and for me (McCauley, Gothard, Kilpatrick, and Elwood to name a few more), are the best things about Drawger. Keep it up everyone.