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McCain and War

AUGUST 20, 2007
For the most recent issue of Best Life Magazine I was asked to paint a portrait of John McCain. The article discusses the McCain family's multi-generational commitment to serving the country. McCain's father and grandfather served and his son is about to, in all likelihood. McCain Article. John McCain drives me crazy. He seems at times to be one of the few republicans willing to not read off the talking points. Just when you think he might be a breath of fresh air, he snaps back into line. It's like there are two McCains in constant battle. One who evaluates the facts and draws clear conclusions and the other who does what he's expected to. Just this weekend responding to Rove's unflattering comments about Hillary Clinton, he said she was a good senator and a formidable candidate. This is probably Senator McCain's swan song in presidential politics. He won't be the nominee and I can't see anyone picking him as a running mate. He could end up being a better senator once he forgets about being president. When I completed this assignment I was asked to submit a bio and to discuss feelings about doing the portrait. Huh? This is always weird for me, to have my thoughts run in a magazine with my art. I think I said I don't share many positions with McCain recently, buy am always impressed with his sacrifice for this country. What I didn't say, but I'll say here, is that if McCain's son was sent into Iraq to search for weapons and was blown up riding around without body armor, I wonder if he would see our folly into Iraq a whole different way?