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MAY 12, 2007
Tim's mom and Todah.
In 1974 my mother suddenly became a 35 year old single parent of 3 young boys; Dan was 10, I was 9 and Jay had turned 6 two days before. My dad's sudden passing meant that the world we had known was going to change. As a parent now, I don't even know how she pulled it together to go from being a full time, stay at home mom to having a career as a Medical Technologist. While she was at work we went wild at home. Frequent calls to her office citing each other's crimes, gasoline fires in the back yard, not to mention all of the mischief we got away with, all was part of the stress of her world. My mom held us together. What happens to boys without fathers in our society? They often are lost and carry that bitterness around forever. I don't think any of the O'Brien boys are lost or bitter. Still to this day, when any of us are low or stressed, we call mom. She is soothing and comforting. My mom is hard to describe. She loves gardening, her papillion, the beach, seeing the boys together and not fighting, eating lobster, buying small kitchen appliances, her grandchildren and the sun. She is a religious woman. She is opinionated and sometimes emotional but always loving. Her refrigerator is packed. She buys all kinds of food and likes margaritas. She loves Drawger and gets a kick out of the banter. Happy Mother's Day Patricia O'Brien. Love, Tim