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A New Year

DECEMBER 30, 2006
Translation~ "Between Coincidence and Providence: The Power of Destiny"
Stefan Kiefer, AD and friend at Der Spiegel asked me to do their New Year's cover. I worked up to Christmas day and sent it the day after. He wanted me to use a figure from Michelangelo, Delphes Sylphide from the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, but newly painted without the headband. The background, a starry sky whose stars make up and form the gears of a clock. A stencil of each gear airbrushed on a blue gradations was the beginning of the process and then painting wet into wet, I began to paint the stars. Paint, fan, repaint, fan and so on until the sky looked like how the eye sees it. Faint stars blurry and close ones bright. They printed it a bit juiced but I kind of like it. That's seems like the only way to get me to use bright colors. It's either that OR channel Staake, Enos or JD King.
Not bad when your reference is Michelangelo.
I get many jobs a year taking some well know old master image and twisting it in some way. They are always great learning experiences.
This is a close up of her lovely face