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American Illustration 2012

MAY 10, 2012
Nominee for Illustration for a Cover of the year, SPD Annual and in the American Illustration Annual 2012

This seems to be the week where many announce certain pieces were accepted into competitions here and there.  I usually resist the announcements since if I ever DON'T get in I would not want to shine a light on it.
This year I was completely thrilled to have three Time covers accepted, chosen, anointed, whatever you call being in the book, into American Illustration.
Time has been a loyal client for many years now and I am so happy to be able to do work for them.  I really try to break my back for them when they trust me with a shot at a cover and when it works out and one is selected, I think we are both happy.
The work here was done in the past year, or in the case of the Bin Laden cover, done years ago, but published a year ago. 
On Friday night, May 11th I'll be attending the SPD Gala where the illustration for the Gadaffi cover is up for an award for Illustration for a Cover.  Being nominated is so great.  This is a tough jury.
Let's hope I get more chances with more covers for more clients in 2012 and beyond.
Thanks to D.W. Pine, Skye Gurney and Rick Stengel and Arthur Hochstein, as always.