Mark Ulriksen
March 2012
BLT Triptych
This triptych of the three principles of the LA entertainment agency BLT was commissioned as a gift from the employees to mark 20 years of their great design work. I was given photos of Clive, Rick and Dawn and details from their offices and asked to create these panel portraits, incorporating the chachkas important to each designer as well as one movie poster they designed that they're most proud of. 
Each wooden panel is 18" x 9", acrylic, and these took twice as long as I (and the client) budgeted for. So it goes sometimes. 

For each panel I used the upper left hand corner to paint the movie poster associated with that particular designer. Painting The Addams Family Values at about the size of a postage stamp was not the most fun I ever had.

Here's a detail. What was fun was painting one of Gary Baseman's signature egg toys.

This little box on Dawn's panel was fun in that I got to include another Baseman item (they really love Gary) and a cover from a book I did for Dawn many years ago.

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