Mark Ulriksen
June 2009
Some family portrait commissions
In the past few years I've been doing a number of private commissions, mostly dog portraits (I advertise regularly in Bark magazine). Every once in a while a dog commission morphs into a family portrait. The good part is the deadlines are pretty lax (which means these take forever to get to) but the down side is that no one sees these. Until now that is.
Sometimes a commission comes from a friend and colleague, such as this one of Adam McCauley, his wife Cynthia and their cats, back in their Hawaiian days.
Art directors Dawn Baillie and her husband Clive with their daughters. I work from photos and interviews and Dawn said the family is always in the kitchen, Clive does the cooking and the dog should be lurking somewhere in the scene.
After the commission for Dawn and Clive I received one from some SF artists. Max the wife said their family is always in the kitchen, her husband Jon does the cooking and the dog should be lurking somewhere in the scene
I just finished this one last week. Set at San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts.
Part of the fun with this portrait was placing the family chickens in the pool. This canvas was big (for me), 30 x 40 inches.
Set in Camp Mather, the family camp for San Francisco residents, near Yosemite. It's my own families favorite vacation spot.
Originally a dog portrait that became a family-with-dogs portrait.
Since this was for some friends I added a self-portrait on the left in the background with my own dog in the background on the right.
More San Franciscans.
My first private commission, back when I painted hands as if they were the right size.
They wanted their current dog and their recently deceased dog in the scene, They wanted it set at the Giants stadium. She didn't want to be shown, he wanted to be shown. This is what I came up with. You probably can't see it but I painted his face on the screen on the scoreboard in the background. Everyone seemed happy with the results.
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