Mark Ulriksen
May 2010
50th Birthday Party painting

I haven't posted in ages, having been overwhelmed the past year + with two huge projects, redesigning my websote and getting my eldest daughter thru the maze of college applications. Now I'm finally coming up for air.
I spent a large part of last year on one painting, this depiction of a clients 50th birthday party. Not knowing a soul, my wife (a photographer) and I took a lot of pictures, had the client help us determine who was who and I eventually came up with this scene.
Here's my initial thumbnail sketch.

And here's my tite sketch
Here are some shots of the piece in progress. Some were taken at weird angles, hence the distortions.

I know this is out of focus but I love the three figures in this distorted shot
The birthday girl and her husband.

That guy with the camera in the background is yours truly.
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