Mark Ulriksen
New Book, Now on Kickstarter

Over the past year I've been working on a new book I've written, my first, collecting 70 dog paintings and some ramblings on man's best friend. The 144 page book will come out sometime later this summer and in the mean time I've launched a Kickstarter campaign to support it.
Don't don't know how many illustrators are taking the Kickstarter route. I've seen Marcellus Hall's hilarious video promoting his music, but that's about it.
My reason for trying Kickstarter has to do with my experience illustrating a few children's books. Lots of work goes into them and once published they tend to create a little splash and then quickly disappear. If the Kickstarter campaign gets fully funded the plan is to use the money to hire a publicist and try and mitigate the quick fade from view that can accompany a book release.

The Kickstarter model requires one to offer up various gifts for various pledge levels. Here's one example of the type of gifts we're offering. (This is a family affair, working with my wife Leslie and old college roomate/book producer Tom Walker).
And here's a couple of spreads from the book.

I put the book together by gathering about 100 existing dog paintings done over the past 20+ years and then writing a story that fits in with the images- a very fun process. If it succeeds the plan is to follow up with books on other subjects I'm into, like baseball and jazz.
Here's the Kickstarter link:

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