Mark Ulriksen
Smithsonian Magazine
The current special issue of the Smithsonian magazine features "101 Objects That Made America" and it's a great package, full of wonderful photography, illustration and design, thanks in large part to Art Director Maria Keehan. Here's a link to the issue, which also features essays by notable authors. It's all a very cool package.
I was asked to contribute 11 images to their "Happiness" section. Illustrating musicians, athletes and cultural icons certainly made me happy. But the project wasn't without its headaches.The Disney folks killed two illustrations from this set because, well, that's what they do. Somewhat similar thing happened with the R2D2 illo. It ran but first I had to sign a contract with the owners of that image, giving up all of my rights to it, which I did so that the folks at the magazine could print it. All I can say is that parts of Corporate America are  pretty paranoid.

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