Mark Ulriksen
Posters in San Francisco
Over a year ago I began the rather arduous process of applying to be one of three artists whose posters would appear in bus shelters up and down San Francisco's main thoroughfare, Market St.
The project was open-ended, submit anything. I decided to concentrate on showcasing many of the ways people stay active throughout the year here. The weather is amiable and people of all ages in all sorts of locales engage in all sorts of activities. That was my submission. I later came to realize I was almost completing a Day in the Life of SF, from dawn to dusk.
After lots of contracts, insurance verifications, sketches, meetings, proofs and finally my six posters are up on display until next January. For the SF Arts Commission's Art on Market Street Program.™
Early morning in Washington Square. Since I needed to populate these scenes I often protrayed friends. In this case friends with their parents, all doing tai chi.
The Dolphin Club is a group of hardy swimmers who brave the frigid waters of San Francisco Bay. That's another portrait of a friend, doing the butterfly.

Hoop Girls is an organization that befits its name. Here's my lovely wife Leslie (center) and some other friends shaking it in the Financial District.

Sunday's in Golden Gate Park are closed to autos along the main drag. That's my daughter and wife in the foreground.

Fort Funston is along the coast in the southwestern part of the city. One of the few places where dogs are allowed to roam free.

It's usually only cars that traverse Lombard Street but on the last Friday each month Critical Mass takes place, a leaderless bike ride aorund the city where bikes take over and drivers practice horn honking.

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