Mark Ulriksen
The Wire
Sometime last year Entertainment Weekly's art director Kory Kennedy notifed me about a heaviy illustrated ucoming issue, about the greatest this and thats of all time.
I eargerly told him if he needed anything about TV shows like The Wire, Breaking Bad, The  Sopranos, The Wire, The Singing Detective or The Wire to think of me.
And lo and behold, EW selected The Wire as the greatest show ever. Got that right!

Kory asked for 10-12 charcters in a setting that fans would recognize. I'm what you might call obsessed about this show. I've seen the 5 seasons twice, read a big ol' book about the show and once I tackled this assignment i couldn't possibly edit the scene to only 10-12 charcaters. As it was plenty of important folks are missing. It's that kind of series.
My sketch. The editors weren't crazy about a dead Sabotka lying under the police tape and wanted to add Amy Ryan's Beadie Russell character.

Here's a few details from this approxiamately 30 x 30 gouache painting.
Bunk and McNulty, homicide and beat cop
Snoop and Marlo, wouldn't mess with them

Proposition Joe, east side boss with a conscious,with one eye wide and one weary

Omar, Robin Hood of the projects. A man's gotta have a code.

Bubbles, a survivor

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