Gary Taxali
January 2007
Portuguese Dreamin'
Me like seafood.
A few weeks ago, pals Yukos Shimizu, Thomas Fuchs and I went to Portugal and hooked up with more pals. Oh the fun..! Obrigado, Gary
Fuchs and I making an Echo and the Bunnymen video at Cabo da Roca (the most western point on continental Europe).
"The House of Screws" (that's Yuko up front).
Typical Portuguese hipster.
We found R2D2 in a small fishing village.
Lisbon is ideal for impromptu moments of "Fame" (the whole gang is pictured here).
The nightlife in Lisbon is quite something.
A goth eel (yes, those are actual skulls)
WARNING: Fish being eaten here
Cheeky Portuguese!
She only dates soccer players (from the same team).
Me trying not to look scared - holy vertigo.
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