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30 Covers in 30 Days
A short while ago, esteemed and talented book jacket designer, John Gall, contacted me about a project.  National Novel Writing Month is a non-profit organization that challenges kids, teens, and adults to spend November writing the first draft of a novel.  They asked John if he would contribute a project and he came up with the idea of asking 30 different designers and artists to create one cover for these works-in-progress novels throughout the month of November to encourage, inspire and motivate the writers.  The list John selected was impressive so I was immediately honoured to be in the company of Chip Kidd, Brian Rea, Paul Buckley, John Gall, Louise Fili, Dave Plunkert, Chris Brand, Rodrigo Corral, Drawger's own Felix Sockwell and Yuko Shimizu and many others.
The brief was very simple.  We were each given a day in the month of November.  Immediately before our "due date", it was emailed to us with the caveat that we have only 24 hours to create the cover - no sketches, just straight to final.  I love projects like these.  Fast, furious, no-nonsense, and jumping in head first. 
Here is the cover I just created for my due date, which was yesterday.  It's for a novel draft by Silver Cade called, "The Day the Caffeine Died", which explores a world in which disease has wiped out the coffee bean and cacao plant.  How would we survive?
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