Gary Taxali
December 2009
To Snip Or Not To Snip?
People have always expressed strong opinions about circumcision.  Is the practice really outdated or are there medical reasons to support it?  Some medical research in Africa indicates that circumcision lowers the transmisison of HIV among male hetrosexuals - although there's no American studies like that.  Pediatricans no longer recommend it and the practice has declined drastically in recent years down to 50%.   So what are new parents to do?

This illustration was created for the Mother Jones and art directed by the fabulous Tim Luddy.  It will be in the March/April issue and hits the stands on February 18th. 

© Gary Taxali
Pure Fiction
I always enjoy assignments where the client wants me to create both the type and the illustration.  I have a great fondness for typography  - okay, you might say it's more of an obession.   Here is an illustration created for The Chicago Reader, art directed by Paul Higgins.

© Gary Taxali
Season's Greetings
Here is a cover illustration I created for La Vie, a magazine in France.  I wish everyone an amazing, happy holiday (ie. LOTS of presents) and a wonderful 2010!
What's happening with the Obama administration?  So many confusing issues (health care, economic crisis and now a "just war") with no clear consensus among his cohorts on how to handle these problems.  It makes one wonder which direction the next step will be.  Do we know?  How can we, even THEY don't know.

This illustration was created for The Gallery section of The Atlantic for their upcoming State of the Union issue.  Jason Treat was the AD and as always, an incredible joy to work with.

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