Gary Taxali
Taking Stock...10 Years Later

In a few weeks it will be exactly 10 years since Illustrator Brad Holland posted his article The Stockman Cometh. In it, he describes the dangers of giving away one's images to stock houses, the common lies perpetrated by these companies to lure unsuspecting artists and how supporting these companies will lead to to the downfall of our industry. Sadly, Brad's predictions came true. In 10 years we have done very little as an industry to combat these problems. Take a look at some of these companies' sites, they boast about selling images for as low as a dollar. Clearly things have hit rock bottom.

So here we are 10 years after Brad posted the article. 10 years after the first Illustration Conference. 10 years later where fees have declined, contractual terms are even more unfair and the stock houses have secured a place at our table.

© Gary Taxali

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