Gary Taxali
OCAD Illustration Grad Show
For the last 3 years, I have been elated to be teaching 4th Year Thesis Illustration at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada. The Program Chair, Professor Paul Dallas along with Professors Jean-Christian Knaff, Tavis Coburn and I are so proud of our graduating students. Paul's great leadership helped guide us in creating a curriculum that helps foster illustration students to thrive creatively while still understanding the needs of graphic communication. We only created this undergraduate Thesis Illustration program 3 years ago and we have seen absolutely amazing, nay, phenomenal work from the students.

Let me put things in perspective: American Illustration received 8100 student entries. 200 entries were chosen for their Tribute site. Of those 200 student entries, 34 of those came from 21 of our students!!

That must be a record.

These brilliant students are SO TALENTED!! Please come see your yourself. Our Grad Show is this weekend at OCAD University in Toronto. Go straight to the 6th floor and prepare to be amazed. Here is a site our students put together that's worth perusing:


Our students. Amazing people and amazing talent - really, who could ask for anything more? They're exactly the reason why I love teaching.

For more information about this weekend's Grad show, please visit OCAD University's Web Site.

© Christopher Kuzma 2009 ILLUSTRATION MEDAL WINNER, Instructor: Paul Dallas
© Deanna Ip, Instructor: Jean-Christian Knaff
© Ryan Lake, Instructor: Tavis Coburn
© Adrian Forrow - SELECTED FOR AMERICAN ILLUSTRATION 28 ANNUAL, Instructor: Gary Taxali

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