Gary Taxali
Chump Toys
The Original Toy Monkey DELUXE EDITION
Hello all,

All issues have been sorted out and I am officially firing up Chump Toys full steam ahead. I am working on my next toy which I hope to have out by the fall. In the meantime, thanks to everyone for their kind support!

As for toys currently available, I have my "Poof" Series 3 qee (2-1/2 inch) available signed for $12.

I also have, wait for it, a few DELUXE EDITION Original Toy Monkeys. The only thing that makes this baby a DELUXE EDITION is that it comes with a small 2 colour mini-print (postcard size), each one is signed by me (I also personalize) and a chance to win a FREE original piece of art from me. That is if your monkey is the one that comes with a Golden Tassle........only 50 of these in the DELUXE EDITION and they're going fast...! They're $200 plus $15 for shipping. And then that's more monkeys. No black and white edition, nothing.

Click here for more info:

Thank you!
Best wishes to all,
Gary Taxali

p.s. What will be my next toy? Email me to be on my list to get firsthand news and updates:

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