Gary Taxali
My Trip to Denmark
"City of Doom" was tagged on a building by one of my students - this graffiti is visible from many points of view in the city of Copenhagen.
I just returned from a 3 week trip to Scandinavia.  After spending a week in Sweden (I was a best man at a pal's wedding), I went to Copenhagen, Denmark.  I was invited by illustrator Henrik Drescher to do a lecture and workshop at The Danmarks Designskole (The Danish Design School).  I had a wonderful time and was impressed with the sophisticated conceptual ability and artistic talent of the students - they accept only 30 students out of 1000 applicants every year.  In the 3rd week, I was on pure vacation and was joined by artist pals Yuko Shimizu, Gary Baseman and The Clayton Brothers.  We had a fantastic time and it was one of the best trips I've ever had.
A collaborative sketchbook project between Henrik and I.
And another.
Henrik Drescher: The Great Dane
Henrik's mom, his Wing and Henrik - his mom and Wing are brilliant artists too.
What is this? Who cares, I'm in love.
'Hank' playing slide guitar in a smokey bar in Vesterbro.
I'm so lonesome I could cry.
My students and I.
My students in the workshop, hard at work.
And then, pal Yuko Shimizu showed up...
One question: Why?
And then pal Gary Baseman showed up, with his little buddy Toby.
Me and the Baseman.
Yuko photographing Baseman photographing Toby in front of Hamlet's (supposed) castle in Helsinger.
Enough, already!
Even Baseman has his limits with Toby.
Then the Claytons showed up.
I demand to have some booze!
Outside the V1 Gallery, at a group show opening of 'Paper Trails'
The Round Tower.
When is this damn bus coming....? Aargh! It only runs at night!
Henrik and Kierkegaard, together again.
Excellent example of Danish design at its best.
Baseman has a way with the ladies.
A tree in the coastal village of Dragor.
An interesting home in Copenhagen.
Goodbye Denmark, 'til next time...

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