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I've had a very busy summer and going into the fall, nothing seems to be slowing down.  It's a nice feeling and amidst all the new works I am creating for my solo show at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC this coming February, I've been lucky to also work on so many fun illustration projects.  Above is a recent piece I did for Leo Burnett (New York).  They commissioned me to create a full page ad to advertise their services to new clients.  Total creative freedom, great client and an enjoyable project always results in work I am proud of.

A few weeks ago, I was shocked to learn that the Greenpeace ship, "Arctice Sunrise" was captured by the Russians in international waters for protesing offshore drilling in the fragile arctic.   30 crew members/activists were arrested at gunpoint and are being detained in Russia and in the process of being charged for "piracy", an absolutely ridicilous claim by the Russians.  Greenpeace asked me to create an image to raise awareness about this incident and I immediately dropped everything and created the above work.  This image has gone viral and people are using it to make protest placards and banners all over the world.  It garnered over 7000 likes on Facebook and thousands of shares.  I have recived countless messages from people all over the world whom appreciate the image and the outpouring kind and supportive sentiments make me hope that the 30 will be free soon.  You may sign your name to the petition by going here.  #FreeTheArtic30

Lately, I've been getting a lot of commissions for The New Yorker.  Illustrating for really well written, witty articles is all too rare in this business and so working for this magazine is always a treat.  I never have a hard time coming up with an idea for The New Yorker and the amazing AD Jordon Awan always gets me.

Here's a fun piece I recently did for the wonderful Hannah Harte at Variety on David Copperfield's new TV, film and theatre production company, "Red Safe".  Ta da!
And finally, I recently completed a very exciting project for Harry Rosen, a major Canadian men's fashion store.  I will be launching 5 Italian silk pocket squares in the coming weeks.  I'll blog about that soon!

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