Gary Taxali
Mother Jones Cover
The Republican Party's election antics are nothing short of a comedy of errors.  Every time I read the latest new about their shenanigans, I cringe in disbelief and think "WTF?".  It's one thing to stay true to your platform, it's another thing to systematically alienate group after group, and as we all know the GOP has been quite successful in that.  And the things they do!  Even George "Macaca" Allen is back in the saddle running for Senate.  Again, WTF?  Are they purposely trying lose this election?  One can only surmise.
Here's a cover I illustrated for the current issue of Mother Jones.  The Creative Director is the wonderful Tim J Luddy whom is always a pleasure to work with.  This cover assignment was no exception.  It was fun, effortless and all those wonderful things that happen in a dream assignment - then again, I attest that to Tim's amazing art direction and always knowing to call me for the right assignment.  The elephant was a blast to draw!  The final cover also features a fantastic portrait of Romney on the magazine's logo by the brilliant Steve Brodner. 

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