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It's been a great 2012!  I've recently had the wonderful opportunity to work on some exciting projects and assignments.
Here is some packaging art I created for "Mr. Kipling", a brand of cakes in the UK.  This will go on their tins.  I haven't tried their cakes yet but they look delicious.  The agency was Another Production along with 101 Production, both in London.  And of course, the project was extra fun for me because I had the chance to create the typography. The AD was Mark Elwood.

Also in the UK, here are a couple of book review pieces created for The Sunday Telegraph's art and culture magazine called "Seven".  The AD was Alex McFadyen.

Here is a sneak piece at one of my brand new pieces for my upcoming solo show in London, "My Feelings Like You" at Lazarides, The Outsiders Gallery.  This work is called, "Nervous Pete".  The show opens on May 3rd, 2012.

Here is some work  I recently completed for Steve Banks at Los Angeles Magazine on a piece about the ethnic diversity of the Pico/Crenshaw neighborhood.

The below illustration was created for The Wall Street Journal on a piece about "financial therapy".  The AD was Orlie Kraus.

It's always a joy working for Kory Kennedy at Runner's World.  Below is a full page illustration called "Angry Knee".

Another regular client I always enjoy working with is The Dallas Morning News and the amazing Michael Hogue.  Here is a piece on how the web, especially in regards to social network sites like Facebook, isn't as polarized as otherwise thought.  This article was originally published in Slate.

That's it for now!  More coming soon...
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