Gary Taxali
Enough is Enough

The constant cruelty through theft directed at artists and musicians is dense, rampant and never ending. The world wants what we offer but doesn't want to pay us. We're encouraged to be creative but more people steal from us than pay us. We create and shape culture. The soul of a people and civilization is defined through its painting, music, dance, poetry, photography, film, sculpture, you name it. It should not be on a pedestal but it warrants respect. Sly Stone was homeless for a long time. (That sentence was very hard for me to write, and even harder to contemplate.) One of the most important and influential musicians of all time, exploited and used by the very people that were supposed to help bring his music to the world. The courts decided enough was enough and paid the man $5 million in unpaid royalties this year. I don't see justice in this outcome, I see a mere gesture of restitution. No amount of money can erase the decades of hell he lived through. If you're reading this, please, just buy a Sly Stone album. The music is important, impactful, genius, necessary, and it belongs in everyone's collection. Sly Stone, man.

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