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"Clowns", 19 x 22 inches, 9 colour offset litho print, editon of 80
I've had the good fortune of working on some really great projects recently.  A few of them are specifically "print" projects and I am sharing them here in this post.
In April, I was invited back to one of my favourite art schools; the University of Arts in PA.  They have an amazing Illustration Program with a brilliant faculty including such luminaries as fellow Drawgers Matt Curtius, Tim O'Brien and Tim Bower. I was invited as a guest for their week long Von Hess Artist Residency to work on a limited edition print with their master printer.  We worked on a Heidelberg Press and created a 9 colour offset litho print in the course of the week.  I had an absolute blast and am still in awe of that amazing machine and the fantastic things you can do with it.  Above is the print we did, it's called, "Clowns".
At the same time, I was commissioned to do a project for the rock band PRIMUS.  I was given complete reign and other than having to fix a last minute typo, the project went amazingly well.  It's a 5 colour silk screen print beautifully printed on Arches rag cotton.  I was really happy with this way this turned out.
"Primus Rock Show Poster", 18 x 24 inches, 5 colour silk screen, edition of 100

Another rock band contacted me, and this time it was PEARL JAM.  We also did a silk sceen print but this time, I used 6 colours.  The band posted this on social media and I have sold so many but I still have some left!  They have such a big reach so it was really cool to get so many new followers on Instagram and Twitter.  Thank you, PEARL JAM!
"Pearl Jam Rock Show Poster", 18 x 24", 6 colour silk screen, edition of 100

If you are interested in any of the prints, please cllick here.
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