Leo Espinosa
September 2010
The Girl Effect / The clock is ticking

Göoo, a beautiful Argentinean publication about illustration and design asked me to participate with a spread in their latest issue "Circus". Instead of the classic tent that almost instantly comes to mind, I decided to play with a very familiar image one can see all over Latin America: The street circus that happens at every other traffic light and its array of bizarre acts... fire eaters, jugglers, clowns and why not, tightrope walking elephants.
The assignment was an eye opener because I realized how much I like to solve editorial work with the same visual language I use for kids' projects. That might seem little but it was huge for me and I'm really enjoying this fresh approach.
Gracias Göoo!
The Katamari Show

I know close to zero about video games but I was very happy to participate in The Katamari Damacy Show, which opened last Thursday at Floating World Comics in Portland, OR.
Katamari is perhaps the only game I'm really familiar with ONLY because I love its simple graphics and characters. All the artwork from the show will be auctioned off online, including the template I designed to make your own Prince paper toy.
All proceeds will go to JOIN, a nonprofit organization that supports the homeless by helping them return to permanent housing.
Alice in iPadland
A friend of mine wanted to show me one of my illustrations in the iPad version of Wired the other day and we ended up pointing at all the nice details that FINALLY make digital magazine design relevant. Then he showed me this book and although I'm not a fan of gimmicks, this app sent my head spinning with possibilities.
Our industry is changing platforms, reinventing its language and stepping into unknown territories... how exciting!
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