Leo Espinosa
September 2009
Flats and Falls

Flats are the Debbie Downer of biking but I loved the spin Bicycling magazine gave them in its last issue: The more you know how to solve them (or avoid them), the faster you'll be riding again.
This is the opener illustration I created for the article. It talked about fixing flats with such speed and elegance, you could make it look like a tango or a flamenco. Olé!

My sketch and the final line art I later color with Photoshop.
This part is never a linear process and I always improvised as I go.

This one was a small spot but I spent quite some time on it. Ah, the pleasure of drawing bikes!

A half page about telling epic stories about epic flats of course.
Pictures of the actual events where inserted later in the deflating balloons.

I like how this spots work in the layout.

The other Debbie Downer of my beloved sport are falls. My latest one happened last friday just BEFORE my afternoon ride. I tumbled down the stairs, messed up my back, all the muscles of my left shoulder and opened my elbow in T shape (Helvetica extra bold). Blood everywhere.
I guess I'll have to switch to running for a while.

Mariscal, Take One: The Show
I'm quite bummed my wallet didn't agree with my trip to Europe this fall. One of the main reasons for it was to make it to Javier Mariscal's Retrospective at the Design Museum in London. Mariscal has been my biggest inspiration because of all the places and media he has explored with his work while remaining unique and creatively fresh.

Thanks to fellow Draweroid, Linzie Hunter for allowing me to use her pics and for giving us all a taste of this fantastic show.

If you are in London, do not miss it! You have until the end of November. And while at it, please snap some more pics to heal my sadness :_)

Colorful black and white
Better than drawing type: Sculpting type!
I love Los Garriris!
Los Garriris phat ride
Now I get it!
More yummy type
Did I hear personality?
I want to walk through that space so badly!
Julian, is that you?
To the great Xavi, Salud! Cheers!

Raul Gonzalez

From time to time I get together with my good friend Raul Gonzalez at the local coffee shop to sketch out, share ideas, comics, art and of course a good laugh. Today I missed our doodle-rendezvous (I was stuck here with a couple of deadlines) but I wanted to post some of the drawings he showed me the last time we met. He's been working on a great series and this pics don't make justice to how fantastic the originals are. Raul (aka Cerebot) just started a new blog and soon will have a solo show at Carroll and Sons Gallery in Boston. Stay tuned and enjoy his work!

The texture and the flat colors play really nicely in all his pieces.

Sorry for the blury image. Blame my third espresso.

Raul Gonzalez also shares his name and a darn good aim with the great player from Real Madrid.

This last one is called "Dances With Wolves (aka Kevin)". Don't ask me why :)

Sacred Monsters
Tomokazu Matsuyama
Sacred Monsters. Everyday Animism in Contemporary Japanese Art and Anime 

September 10 - November 22, 2009
Tisch Gallery
Opening Reception: Thursday, September 17, 5:30–8:00 pm
More info
I'll be at the opening tomorrow around 6:00 in case anybody is interested. It certainly sounds like an amazing show (And thank goodness, Raul found out about and was kind enough to let me know ;4))
See you there.

Goofing off at the opening. If you are in the Boston area, don't miss this show!
Anatomy of a Slam Dunk

In your face, Veruca!

The Batcave

My studio is in the basement, kids. It's not a dark, humid basement full of cobwebs but it has its share of hairy beasts, dust and piles of books. Pictured above, the thinking chair, a poster I did for my friend Mauricio Pardo's first flick and snoozing down bellow, Elliot, the security guard.

The drafting table decorated "a la Edel" with a bunch of sketches, models and all sorts of things

I tried not to put much stuff on the walls, mostly above the computer area.
It helps the spirit (and the retina)

Usually you can't even tell there's a desk underneath. Papers like to pile up here for weeks.
I'm customizing that skateboard deck and the wooden figure for a couple of group shows.

Concepts, more sketches and the scooter keys.

Oh, I love you books!

Left: a Taxali poster ready to be mailed to Mr Kroninger. I placed the new SI call for entries above to let it grow on me. So far I like the effect the paper creases do right in the center.
Right: Toys and old school CD's. The OLD old school turntable and records are in a different room.

A present from Javier Mariscal, a sculpture I did, a mushroom by my daughter Sofía and Nara's puppy sit on one of the window sills.

I bought this hanger in Spain. I like to look at it so I rarely use it. My jacket is usually on the floor.

More of the desk and a wire I have to hang things I like.

On the wire: Sofía, Ben, Ben, Sofía, Reinhart.

Here' where I paint which hasn't happened in months. I find it hard to let go of paintings.
This one I just didn't have the heart to sell.

Books and more books. Mostly comics.

Left: The gym. Right: the short commute back home.

Only in New York
Many of you are familiar with my buddy, Yury Vargas because he does not miss any event at SI I go to. The guy is an art/creative director who loves and respect illustration and says that hanging out with illustrators is always a treat. THIS VIDEO is an example of the things he does to keep the creative juices flowing and to me is a clear sign that the spirit of New York is more alive than ever.
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