Leo Espinosa
April 2008
El Malpensante

Here's a cover I just finished for El Malpensante, my favorite literary magazine from Colombia. It was inspired by this beautiful song by John Frusciante and by the madness of a couple of books I'm reading.
Welcome to Second Grade

Ex Dark Horse Comics knight, Phil Amara invited me yesterday to talk to his students about cartoons, comics, the power of dreaming and the joy of drawing. Phil teaches second grade at Curtis Guild public school in East Boston (think Jackson Heights, Queens NY) and among many latino kids in his class we counted three from Colombia which to me was extra bonus points. Man, did we have a blast!!!? they asked great questions, had very smart comments the best part for me was that I don't think they even blinked during my entire presentation.
Thank you Phil and thank you second grade for a wonderful morning!
From time to time I get some really nice e-mails and letter from kids (or from very kind parents) telling me how much they love Sushi Pack and the fuzzy feeling I get in my heart is pretty special. This one in particular was worth a post: It came from my talented buddy Cade (age 5) from Oregon. Apparently, Cade has turned into a Sushi super-hero 24/7 which reminds me of making my mom nuts about my obsession of having to go to bed with my Zorro costume on (every single night).
Thanks for making my day, Cade. Enjoy the print!
Suuuuuuushi Roll!!!!
Sometimes when this place gets kind of empty
Friday Pencil Fiesta
All the entries from the First Pencil Fiesta have moved to it's own spankin' new venue. Next show will be held on May 30th. Until then!
Friday is for pencils

 I opened my mouth + you ate my tongue
La Petite Morte
© 2008 Studio Espinosa
My dear amigo Dunlavey just got my brain going thinking about an animation... I'm on the storyboard but here are the main characters I did this morning, El Señor Amor & Doña Muerte (or is it El Señor Muerte y La Señora Amor?)
© 2008 Studio Espinosa
From Rob Dunlavey:
Thanks Leo. I'm happy to take a small measure of credit for your creative endeavors.
Now, these characters and their situation: I like that Death and Love appear to be fairly equal in status and strength --as people. Death looks like a hard working stiff who can only rise so far up the ladder. He gets pulled down by his need for Love and the requirements of his vocation. He is fatalistic and his ambition only rises so far. Love, on the other hand, is dreamy and light on her feet but is also inevitably realistic and earth-bound. So maybe in your treatment they have one fantastic go-round to try to escape the clutches of fate and class. Maybe they transcend this story --which is an old old story. Good luck.

What's that GREAT Gilbert and/or Jaime Hernandez graphic novel? "Love & Rockets: Life of Luba" where Luba goes to the city alone and takes up with a man but she has a secret thing going on with Satan. It's a page-turner.
The Splunk is officially out!

Last saturday we released the beastly Splunk into the wild... kids that couldn't wait any longer for him!
We did a little talk and then signed copies of Otis and Rae and the Grumbling Splunk at the Children's Picture Book Festival in Belmont.
Among the group of speakers was our friend James Kaczman who presented his latest Lucky Monkey Unlucky Monkey (a gorgeous book indeed!).

Thanks to the cool kids at Sandboxworld for the post about our first book and to Melissa Steward for doing such a great job with the festival. Get more kids into books, yeahhh!!!! Comics 4 kids, double yeahhhh!!!! Break away from TV, triple yeah, yeah, yeah!!!!

PS: Sorry for being MIA for so long, Drawgeroids, but I needed some serious time away from the computer.
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