Leo Espinosa
August 2007
Look Up, See Art
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These two screens in the heart of Harvard Square had caught my eye in the past, but for the first time tonight, I had the chance to park my bike for a few minutes and have a taste of great art.
Lumen Eclipse is a pretty cool media art project; Both, the outdoor experience and the website are worth some of your time.
The piece I saw this evening is called Daily by David Ellis, but the whole archive is packed with beautiful work.
I also recommend Moonlight in Glory by Trollbäck+ David Byrne+Brian Eno, Pistache by Valerie Pirson and one of my favorites, Roundscape by Power Graphixx. Enjoy.
Tank Girl Revisited
Copyright © Studio Espinosa 2007. Tank Girl © 1995 Jamie Hewlett, Alan Martin, & Deadline Magazine

Since Jamie Hewlett is so busy with the opera Monkey and Gorillaz, and seems to have forgotten about TANK GIRL, I decided to do a version of one of my favorite comic heroes. I better finish it up, right?
Take the kids to the Aquabats

We're taking the little ones to their first rock concert this saturday here in Boston (Thank you Jon-Gabba-Gabba for the ticks).
The Aquabats are also playing in Coney Island, Phily and NYC.
Check out their tour dates and while at it, listen to Hot Summer Nights... It sooo awesome!

From very unique character design to brilliant writing, Lucy is pure evil!
Drawing Music
Copyright © Studio Espinosa 2007

One of the hardest things to draw (at least for me) are bicycles and musical instruments. Both are extremely organic and complex, in a way very moody. If you mess up with the perspective or the angle a tiny bit, that little mistake always looks huge. Here's an article I illustrated for Edel Rodriguez last year about the return of small home concerts, along with some of the sketches. The final came out a little too tight for what I really wanted but at least I didn't mess up the cello (I think).
The other color illo was for a blues/jazz/coutry music festival.
Gondry the Dadaist
Sfar Again

I've posted a couple of things in the past about the great Joann Sfar, but this video I found via Drawn! is just too much -being the encounter at the beach kiss my favorite part. Enjoy.
Eleven Clowns
Copyright © Studio Espinosa 2005

No signs of life drawings yet (I better start looking in some drawers instead of in my hard drive). I did find this poster I designed for a crazy movie called 11 Clowns. I sculpted the clown with one of those eraser thingies, made the jail bars with cardboard, then took a lousy picture on my drafting table... wait, this isn't even illustration! Or is it?
Literary Mothman
Copyright © Studio Espinosa 2005 2007

Looking for some figure drawings in my computer I found this cover I did for a great literary magazine from Colombia called El Malpensante. At the time I was working with my very unforgiving vector lines and it was refreshing to do something this loose.
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