Leo Espinosa
November 2006
This video made my day
I found this in Drawn! today.
Happy turkey kids! GobLEO GobLEO!
Move Over Vinyl
One of my unpaid interns performs the quality test

I was honored to be invited to participate in Mike Burnett's Welcome to the NeighborWood, Custom Wood Toy Sculpture Show. I have customized vinyl toys in the past for a couple of shows, but this is the first time I get to work on a wooden toy and the experience was WAY more pleasant. Wood is friendlier and painting on it is a joy! I can sand it, scratch it, repaint it and it just looks better and better.
I completed the design while in Berlin but I always wait until the last minute to do the work. I don't know, for me there's something really cool about doing it that way.
Here's the process:

The bear bones. Mr Burnett pays sick attention to detail

I get to spray the limbs with one of my favorite colors: Verde Vómito!

Edel, this is my version of a spray booth. Practical, light, portabl...aghhh my eye!

After penciling the basic shapes I start coloring with acrylics

I'm using only four colors for this piece. A limited pallet is key

Here's the body with the first coat and my midnight snack

I think it's gonna look good

I like to use workers from developing countries to keep the budget under control

Adding the fine detail and having to do several coats can be really tiring (at 4 am)

Why 46?

Ah, breakfast! Grrrrrrreat!

I decided to add more green so I needed to do some extra masking

Was Goldin messing up around here? I keep replacing these guys to avoid big nasty drops

Voilà! Here's the final piece titled Je Suis un Garçon Moderne (I am a Modern Kid)

I intentionally left some open areas to show the beauty of the wood

Ready for a Polyurethane semi gloss coat!? You bet. I can use a good shower too.
It's CD cover week!
This was the cover for Skanatra's second album.
And this is the design for their first CD, which was featured in HOW magazine.

Mr Goldin made me dust off a couple of CD's I have done in the past for the ska band from Hoboken, Skanatra. These cats play Sinatra tunes in ska. How cool is that?
Momo's tag beats the purple crayon
Well, that's it. the end of a great week in New York. I just got to the place in Brooklyn where I'm staying at. I saw Edel, David, David, David, Steve, Yury, Wax, Gary, Thomas, Isabel, Monica, Felix, Marcos, Brian, Whitney, Camila, Christoph, Nancy, Laura, Marc, Randy, Zina, Tim, Peter, Don, Roberto, Ellen, John, Dan, I mean, if I forget somebody it's just because I haven't slept in days... what a week, what a town... wait... one more mojito before going to bed? sure!
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