Leo Espinosa
August 2006
Pattern revisited

I'm half way finishing this new version of Kiko but wanted to try it over a photograph, even better, I just made a pattern, right!
Edel, I might need to buy that picture from you... hey, it sounds like the beginning of your career as a photographer!
I'll tell my peple to call your people.

(In other words, Sofia will call Sofia)

Here's our first collaboration with Edel Rodriguez (the only thing is that he doesn't know it yet). I simply stole one of his groovy Garden State pics and created a pattern with it.
It's like a Staake pattern - but on acid.
More Dragons

The saga of the Dragon Tamer  in Cactusland continues!
Here's a preview of the second print.
More to come...
The Rest of Oz
L2R: Alan Witschonke, Rob Dunlavey, Tamar Haber-Schaim, James Steinberg, James Kaczman, Ben, Laura, Paola, Sofia, Elizabeth Traynor, Leo and Jim Roldan. Missing from the picture, Elizabeth's son, Beau and Robert Saunders. Missing from the event, one of the most beloved Sons of Cuervo, Richard Goldberg.

It seems that it was the weekend for illustrators to hang out together. While Edel was throwing a fiesta in Jersey, some of the members of the New England chapter of Drawger got together for the annual CuervoCon. (¿Tres? ¿Cuatro?)
The Cuervista tradition started (obviously while drinking tequila) during ICON3 and, although our livers are enjoying the upgrade to better agave liquor, the spirit of Don José Cuervo keeps us, hic! together.
Saturday was a day for music, great food and James kaczman's supreme margaritas. El señor Steinberg and el señor Saunders gave us a taste of what the Halftones have for their upcoming show at the Society of Illustrators. Sorry no pics from that night, I was busy with the congas.
Yesterday, after a delicious breakfast we all went to see the Wizard of Oz exhibit at the Eric Carle Museum. It was a very inspiring show and the museum is an amazing place to visit. It goes to my top five museums in western Mass along with MoCA.
Many thanks to James Steinberg & familia, Paola, Noah and Zoe for kindly hosting the soirée. You made us all feel at home.

I love getting assignments like this one, because although the figure seems rather simple, the challenge is molding stiff vector lines into something gentle and organic, and I don't get frustrated if I have to spend hours doing it.
But I might not be as happy with the final printed piece this time. See, the one on the left is my original version, the one with the tucked tee is what the editor requested and the one on the right is my way of crying, Please let me show some skin!
Hopefully they'll like the compromised version and realize that by covering the belly, all the feminine curves and shapes become more prominent (If that's what they're trying to tone down).

Done with this one. I'm going to bed.
Back to the brushes

This little painting got shipped to Australia last week to be part of the new Sketchel series created by Jeremyville. It sure was fun to paint again and I would like to involve some of it into my illustrations, but the thing is that I'm not set up with a good scanner of a good lens for my camera in order to do that. How do you, masters of the brush out there, bring your paintings into the digital world?
The critics approved the piece. Ben said: "cool, it looks 3D but the drawings are all 2D"
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