Leo Espinosa
January 2010
What's In My Head

My multitalented friend, Ernesto Ramirez, is the head behind What's In My Head, a terrific magazine published in Madrid, created in collaboration with writers and artists from Spain and Latin America.
For its third issue I contributed with an illustration about obituary writers.

Don't forget to download the free font (La Cabeza) at the bottom of the home page.

A History of Evil

Watch this brilliant animated short [found via Drawn!]

New Tapestry

KesselsKramer's New Tapestry is an updated version of the Bayeux Tapestry, a huge medieval work of art showing the current affairs of its time. Where the Bayeux Tapestry told the news stories of 1066, New Tapestry tells the news events of 2009. It's 30 meters long and illustrated by 44 international artists.

New Tapestry was created by Christian Bunyan, Keefe Cordeiro and KesselsKramer.

My contribution to the projects focused on the tension between Venezuela and Colombia during the past years. Most specifically on the personal conflict between their presidents, Hugo Chavez and Alvaro Uribe, and how such a destructive relationship is affecting the region.

New tapestry will be on view between the 28th January 2010 - 2nd February 2010.
Opening Hours: 1300h -1730h
Steendrukkerij Amsterdam
Lauriergracht 80
1016 RM

see the New Tapestry online

The Horse
Ah, the joy of drawing horses! (And angry mobs in this case).
I recently finished this piece for the one and only, SooJin Buzelli, and as I rendered the horse (twice, actually), I remembered how much I loved to draw them and decided to do this little post.

As a kid I was bananas about them and spent hours trying to figure out their anatomy and movement. Zorro and The Lone Ranger were my favorite things to draw but I also spent weekends horseback riding at my cousins farm. These are some Zorro doodles I did last year thinking about a graphic novel idea.
Also last year I did a series of sketches based on painted war indian horses. In a way, The goal was to make almost transparent animals and being able to see the kindness and strength of their spirits.

A helpful horse bringing bread to the panadería I did a looooong time ago in kindergarden :)

This is a forever unfinished sketch I did a few years back based on a picture I found in The New York Times takend during a bloody mess in Israel. The photograph was unbelievable in many levels but I wanted to concentrate on the horse, always being dragged into human conflict, used pretty much as a weapon and against its true nature.
Here, my first attempt with pencils and charcoal for SooJin's assignment and last but not least, one of my favorites, the illustration of Zorro I did for Thomas Fuchs' birthday book.
There you have it folks, my humble tribute to the horse.
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