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October 2009
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Good Wood
AND... a little too late to announce the Bidding for Good Wood exhibit it just took place in Philly this weekend but not to late to show this skateboard deck I painted for the event. The third on a series of shows, Bidding for Good Wood silent auction benefits the organization Stay True.

The artistic challenge for me was to convey the same kind of mood I've been achieving in my sketches (pencil plus digital) while working with acrylics and a limited pallet.
Many thanks to Andrew Davis for inviting me to participate :4)

Sorry all for the pics. Not the best quality, I know.

Natural Resources
Humans Are Yummy and Have Great Taste (In Hats) is my collaboration for Natural Resources, a traveling custom toy show that will kick off in Cleveland next month. This is the second time I've been invited to customize Mike Burnett's beautiful wooden toys and I'm really happy with the way it came out. I improvised a lot this time and allowed the figure to pretty much tell me what it wanted me to turn it into.
I made changes to the original Joe Schmoe platform I received (pictured on the upper right) by doing some basic wood cutting sans-power tools :)  A lot of sanding and playing with cut out paper to decide on the final expression made the process very quiet and almost zen like. ommm....

Thanks to Klim and Steve from Bigshot. You guys are doing some terrific toys lately!
Here's some more info about the show:

More than 40 artists have customized Mike Burnett's "Neighborwood" and brand-new  "Average Joe Schmoe" wooden DIY figures for a traveling exhibit that will open Friday, November 6th in the Shoparooni Annex Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio. The exhibit will run from November 6th, 2009, until December 5th, 2009.
The artist list includes: Jeremiah Ketner, Chris Ryniak, Brian Morris, Ryan Bubnis, Johnny Yanok, Amanda Spayd, Leo Espinosa, Steak Mountain, Brian Flynn (Super 7), Martin Ontiveros, Le Merde, Chris Gliebe, Sean Mahan, Jason Limon, MAD, Hydro74, 64 Colors, Mark Nagata, Paul Escolar, Ken Keirns, Mr. Shane Jessup, and many more!!!

The opening reception will be held Friday, November 6th from 7 pm until 11 pm. Some artists will be in attendance.

Thinking of Chet

I'm all over his albums today

Let's beat it!

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